Photographing the Sand

This is one way to walk out of the world:

find your way to children, dogs.

Name the animals found in driftwood.

Look. This is about walking out.

When you stop at the rest stop

walk out back to the historical marker.

If there's not one there,

write it yourself in the notebook.

Rain and wind will guide you

once the others have disappeared.

The fact that Karen remains

testifies to her character

and the repetition of the needle and thread,

needles and pins is a song from the past.

The lens guiding you belongs to the blues.

Your job walking is to walk.

You will find that the noble white man

who wanted to be buried with the Indians

on Memaloose Island, and was,

was also a racist. Look it up.

You're a walker. It's an old vocation.

Vows are simple, but if you hang in there,

the light bulb will wash up on the beach.

You will find yourself along with your brother

inside the glass bulb.

This discovery along with found

light in sand will be your treasure. 

Jim Bodeen

3 March 2023

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