Tree Island Sky Clearing North in the Mothership

Traveling North from Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island, the Mothership encounters salmon spawning at Goldstream and Mountain Hemlock at Campbell River.

Storypath/Cuentocamino. The practice.:


Carrying all this music.
We didn’t see these fish

coming up river.
Ride the spine

of the island north.
Rumors of stones emerging

the only story.
The eye doctor

has a new camera.
Those nasty floaters

can be seen. Keep an eye out.
The tree man picks up his phone,

the mothership turns around.
The woman walks up to me,

her hands full of shells
from the beach. I hold her hands

red from cold weather.         
How to read this book?

The old coffee percolator
resurrects language becoming itself.

Who to talk with
is a brewer’s question.

The tree gets its bark
on its 100th birthday

staying warm under
thirty feet of snow.

These rough cuts
accompany the woman

sitting beside me.
We are the lucky ones

bringing trees across the border
with papers.

Jim Bodeen
20 November 2014