Gitanjali Haiku Sequence Part II

Gitanjali Haiku Sequence Mss. Part II

#36 This is my prayer to thee

Daily Jubilee
Waking long view Sunday joy
Compressed 50 years

Each breath ready for what comes
Falling in and out of dreams

#36 To Thy will with love

All for your person
Body breathing its own will
Those Shakespeare Sonnets

Quiet mystery unsolved
Before our Sabbath morning

17 November 2018


What are you doing?
I lost a pen in bed, found it
Pajama pocket

Never put it there before
Writing after making love

17 November 2018


A syllable for each year
50-syllable poem


#37 Where old tracks are lost

Wake late on Monday
Summarize last night's cop show
Breakfast before us

Slice an apple for Karen
Clue her on Friday ball scores

19 November 2018


#38 As the storm still seeks its end

Cowiche Canyon
Peanut butter on Hogie
Long early shadows

Bright fungus on sage
That I want thee, only thee
Sun-warmed black basalt

Bleached grass November sunshine
Zip up down parka in wind

20 November 2018


#39 Come to me, Lord of Silence

Pouring your coffee
Sharing two butterscotch chairs
Shower of mercy

This Wednesday morning
Thanksgiving following day
I will make your toast

Topped with apricot jelly
All else dust and Monkey Mind

21 November 2018


#40 God, my arid heart

Stove top cranberries
Ripe rising bog green temper
None--all mine turkey

Your fibered quilts wrapping me
Storied fragments trace stitching

22 November 2018

#41 Ask me what it is

Never crossed my mind
Commitment never surfaced
Desire all desire

Laughing at daughters on phone
Beloved Daughters grace downed

#42 Cloud of Grace bend low

Away from traffic
Your face coming from red tent
Idaho sunset

Jim Bodeen
22 November 2018

#43 Steps echo from star to star

These lines to work with
When I didn't keep myself
I had no traction

Scattered in blue dust
Words rooted, leaning away
Waiting for your call


Syllabic footnote
Tear storm, wind storm, wait tear call
Detritus wind wait
#44 Air fills with promises

Where poet's verse dulls
Wayside where shadows catch light
Long-marriage perfume

22-23 November 2018

#45 Chariot of clouds

Work my way to you
Kitchen stops counter kisses
Our full time in bed

24 November 2018

#46 Tremulous joy-heart

Whose sunrise confirms
Candles follow evidence
Floating fantasies

Propose over phone
Uniformed Army private
You said, No, Grow up

Memory acting
Desire urging love is love
Free will means be free

History matters
Marriage provides evidence
Celebrating facts

Insight before eyes
Children bring what can be seen
In and out of dreams

Jim Bodeen

23-24 November 2018

#47 Not to be called from my sleep

Did I leave this house
I did not, looked out window
At all that sunshine

#48 I saw thee standing

I would give my life
Shadow path of promises
To be dressed in you

#48 Morning sea silence

Bicycle quilt song
Inexhaustible thread wave
Quince toast pleasure bite

Flooding my sleep with they smile
Scrubbing your floors on my knees


#49 I was singing alone

Karen's too damn good
I had to call her on it
More than once I did

25 November 2018

#50 Begging door to door

Still counting on luck
What North Dakota call dice roll
Beds such purity

You never asked for a thing
My striving for you doubled

25 November 2016

#51 Nothing but the wind

Get up, unbound eyes
Eat apple, talk to Karen
Underground railroad

Novel subverting reading
Frederick Douglass

Back in bed this time
pick book to read me asleep
Beloved returns

26 November 2018

#52 What is it I find

Driving with Karen
Seattle where she grew up
We could go to Dick's

Historian of sorts
If it's not in the poems
Can't make it up now

Dick's fresh cut fries
Deluxe city cheeseburgers
Nickel ketchup cup

#53 Pure flame of being

Rain walk Seattle
Olive Avenue movie
Flagged parking meter

Rooms for blacks in Green Book
Shutting door to who we are

#54 Thy voice tired spoke low

Cross-eyed president
Micro-wave pizza in room
Black jazz Orpheus

26-27 November 2018

#55 Flower reigns in splendour

Native sound booth find
Her children repeat old ways
Dreaming words awake

#56 Thou hast come down to me

Path to Ancestors
Gives all to future children
First Peoples Mother

#57 My light, eye-kissing light

Temple at High Camp
Snow place of mountain worship
Quilted by Karen

Prayer on back side
Unrecognizable dream
Tensile thread word-strong

Dream body moon song waking
Write while beloved stitches sleep

28 November 2018

#58 Dust knows not a word

Our parents brought us
Park without a place to run
And a slow boat home

Twin dance brothers life and death
Birds on singing bridge greet us

#59 Light Dances on leaves

Red gate grants passage
Hyphenated belonging
Stones follow down creek

November rhododendrons
Deepest green, afternoon rain

#60 Scattering gathered pebbles

Japanese maples
Other side of Torii Gate
Red River dreaming

Salt and pepper tiger shrimp
two sets of chop sticks

How to hear unheard language
An orthography
A set of symbols, spelling

Policeman bracelets
Turn up in Mountain Poems
Dragons in city alleys

Inner-patterned syllables
Bring old man out of childhood
All the way around adults

Karen navigates the way
Quilting on her telephone

Longshoreman hat window sits
Year of Dog Fortune Cookies   

29 November 2018

#61 Beam of Crescent Moon

With dragons come change
Leaving mundane world behind
Empty your pockets

#62 Sweet listening Earth

Silent on stone bench
Silk-wrapped star-daughter slumbers
Lost child boards sky boat

#63 Then no door is shut

Mixed rain, wind-whipped waves
House the stranger you have been
Dark water night birth

#64 Among lost lamp light

Out late, far, alone
Carnival stone, river thrown
Canoe with one oar

Words repeating, light, dark, lamp
Five light, seven lamp, five dark

30 November 2018

#65 Word weaving world

Rain clears Snow Mountain
Ice sheets cloud Argentina
Penguin trek slurried

1 December 2018

#66 Who ever saw Her

What untouched darkness
Song searching locked-up temples
Each crooked-man step

#66 Folded final song

What keeps me each day
Staple Sisters sing God's love
He finds me narrow

2 December 2018


Gold basket sound crown
Trackless path, infinite sky
No nor nor never

3 December 2018

#68 Darkness made for tears
            for G.H.

He walks cloud-hidden
On the way to get a key
Long strides distant stars

3 December 2018

#69 Same life, same life, rocked

Saddest song friend knows
Ry Cooder's Alamo Bay
Over and over

Marine comes home from Khe Sanh
Shoulders Big Heat Fire tree stump

3 December 2018

#70 Beyond gladness, this

Catch it as it is
This morning already gone
What died wasn't this

#71 Turn it on all sides

All these books in bed
My Struggle, Gitanjali
Get up, pee, count days

4 December 2018

#72 He is, innermost

Water song in creek
Fills bamboo echo
Hollow on stone

5 December 2018

#73 Different lamps with thy flame

Street eyes turn to hear
Chimes crossing syllable chant
Child rings winter bells

Jim Bodeen
5 December 2018
End of Part II

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