Gitanjali Jazz Rifts Part III

Gitanjale Jazz Rifts Part III

Torii Gate

#74 There at the fording

Monk in lone canoe
One oar left behind on shore
One oar cross-breeze drifts

#75 River has its work

Interviewing stones
No traces of little boats
Chance trail encounters

Jim Bodeen
6 December 2018

#76 Great Sky Solitude

Riding bicycle asking whereabouts
of my departed friend,
Meng Hao-Jan asks about tea

Leaves in thermos
Spring Harvest High Country Green
Friend's telegraph road
carries from far off

Jim Bodeen
6 December 2018

#77 I don't grasp your hand as friend

My God apart
You are other
What I don't know

And all I want
But I don't worry
you want me back
I got too much practice

7 December 2018

#78 Snapped harp string song stopped

Taking books to bed
What GIs call early out
Gates of Paradise


Torii Gate Way

Distinguished way to the past.
Heavenly Kami, illustrious ancestors--
falling leaves, foxes and stones
cooperating. Sun and moon,
two eyes, left and right,
openings to our candle prayers.
If Japan's faith was likened to a tree,
Shintoism would be its roots.
Natural as song thanks
offered and received.
Makoto no kokoro
heart of truth
touching human history
gates to mountain trails.
A fox with a key in his mouth
and one with a child's ball.

Jim Bodeen
8 December 2018

#79 If not my portion

Priests knew of poets
They just didn't matter--they
had been taken out

9 December 2018

#80 If this be thy play

Out here, be careful!
Transcribing odd man exiled
Ink freeze Parker pen

Poet and Matron talking
Come out into the open
Pickled herring is divine

9 December 2018

#81 Idle day blossoms

Social control squeeze
Social control taking hold
Squeeze seen as fiction

10 December 2018

#82 Empty altar offering

Driven into there
No where does anyone ask
Yet they were here once

Jim Bodeen
11 December 2018



always surprises
her eye

to see




to the gate
of no gate

they’re tied
one way

on one side
on the fence

Japanese Gardens!

I failed

and for that reason alone

a scout

he surprising ways

Jim Bodeen
12 December 2018

#83 Sorrow neck pearl song

When I pull my telephone
from my pocket
I can hear them sing to all of us

Jim Bodeen
Día de Guadalupe
12 December 2018

#84 The number left off

All or within an all

in the self
of the language

the we that is
no longer

Of all things
I had wanted a word
and with you
I had
there was a you
in you
which gave direction
to where the word
might go

13 December 2018

#85 Peace on their foreheads

French Toast with six eggs
Farm cream, cinnamon, milk, whipped
Little bells of prayer

13 December 2018

#86 Worship with tears, folded hands

American cans
Club members swallow weak selves
Swilling labeled beers

Jim Bodeen
14 December 2018

#87 Let touch the Allness

Mountain children talk
Consecrate snow solstice trek
Cook noodles for High Camp

15 December 2018

#88 Night worship away

I'm going to bed
I say goodnight to Karen

To read, sleep, read, sleep
To read, sleep, too tired to dream
read, sleep, sleep

#89 No noisy loud words

Ski to here children
This mountain stands as prayer
This mountain is here

16 December 2018

#90 What will thou offer

But I have been dreamed
But for my great toe throbbing
Coffee tucked in boat sleeve

How completely did I die
Where did I leave from leaving
Indian oars red canoe

17 December 2018

#91 One final glance flowed


Looking at this page
A deer crosses the highway
breaks rear view mirror

18 December 2018

#92 Careless treasures rare

My friend waves goodbye
Outside library parking
Where truth meets mask

19 December 2018

#93 Lamp lit dark corner

Snow daughter, daughters
Snow mountain solstice

Layer up for rain
Weather needle in between
Grandpa Dad's Three Lights

Where then would one go
High Camp Bench Window
Molé Mountain Tamales

Jim Bodeen
20 December 2018

#94 My wedding garland

Practicing Goat Rocks
Showing me to be raven
Lower Solstice lights

Practicing for what's coming
Hoarfrost growth through fog

Yesterday's rain what we had
Yesterday when Tyler died
Back outside snow's now

21 December 2018

#95 Vast mystery bud

After Solstice light
Just as dark as yesterday
Snow bodies on skis

22 December 2018

#96 Unsurpassable Parting

Of course the poet
demands nothing less than this
Chew meat from his bones

Jim Bodeen

23 December 2018

#97 World with eyes bent stands

Lights of the full wombs
Three rose windows on sunrise
Wake late in snow field

24 December 2018

#98 Its honey will be bared

It will all come out
Love refuses all handcuffs
State bracelet's wired joke

25 December 2018

#99 My lamps are blown out

But I made waffles
Whipping eggs, corn meal, and flour
kids ski deep through trees

26 December 2018

#100 My sport tossed on waves

After skiing soup
Ham bone, white beans, celery, carrot, onion, cumin
Vegetable broth

27 December 2018

#101 Have I sought thee in my songs

Thought I had a date
with my wife, she went shopping
with her daughters

28 December 2018

#102 Who knows what they mean

His life's last stories
Why not return to poems
Rain, ice in mountains

29 December 2018

#103 Homesick cranes flying

Nothing but ball games
On television, to bed
Early with a book

Jim Bodeen
30 December 2018

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