Gitanjali, the Song Offerings Part I

Gitanjali, Song Offerings, Rabindranath Tagore

Gift copy from the scientist Dr. Gobinda Sarkar, October 25, 2018, Rochester, Minnesota

Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure. This frail vessel thou emptiest again and again, and fillest it ever with fresh life...At the immortal touch of thy hands my little heart loses its limits in joy and gives birth to utterance ineffable.

Rabindranath Tagore, from Song Offering #1

This manuscript dedicated to Gobinda, who sang the following couplet for the camera:

I have no other desire at all
except to sit at your feet

At a book table in Steamed Cup Café, Rochester, Minnesota; and  

Also dedicated to:

Karen Bodeen, the beloved
on 50 years of Marriage

23 November 1968--23 November 2018

A Response to the Songs

#1 So Many Distances

Another way home
Never quite arriving
Wind gone into Dakotas

Home and time
Both gone


#1 And still thou pourest

Combines combining
Cotton wood river mirror
October doubloons.

#2 When thou commandest

Sunshine on the pitch
Girls running without white ball
Soccer muse song rhyme

25-27 October 2018

#3 Sky to Sky Music

Your voice comes ringing
Two hands singing four hand bells
Bells in Song Hands delight

#4 All untruths be gone

Fish Bone with his hat
Fish Bone offers a song
Rain walk sliver quick

29 October 2018

#5 To sit by thy side

Two butterscotch chairs
All matter of else, away
SunGold radiance!

30 October 2018

#6 This flower in thy service

Cup of blueberries
Honey-strawberry smoothie
Beloved's liquor

31 October 2018

#6 Last day end before

Butter and honey
On toasted French Bread, green tea
Filling out ballots

Jim Bodeen
1 November 2018

#7 Their jingling drown thy whispers

But I insisted
My poems are my life-lie
They surrounded you

31 October 2018

#8 Decked robes and jewels

Memorial dress
Played out in half centuries
You the first one twice

1 November 2018

#9 O Fool, O Beggar

Come from the body
Desire begs Beloved's light
Sneeze Fool, sneeze

This is their party
It shall be a jubilee
Seven times seven

Poorest, lowliest and lost

My mother's people
Where else to reach for but these
Generous with salt

3 November 2018

#11 Stand by Him in toil

Gold leaves harvested
50 years loving-Karen
Count seven sabbaths

5 November 2018

#12 Time my journey takes

Fish Bone Mountain Man
Father Song Son Line Peak Trail
Walking I Am Window

4 November 2018
Jim Bodeen


On Tiger Mountain
Cannonball Adderley jam
Seventy five beats



Not one vote counted
Red maple leaves out my door
Karen by my side

Jim Bodeen
6 November 2018

#14 This sky and the light

Yet unsung to here
Sun moves shadows north leaving
Boom Boom Doom Doom

Back to yesterday
44 degrees side light sun
Water trail sing step

Through gate light entry
Rusted iron minerals
Lone pine basalt trail

Perils of beauty
Cowiche Creek carves canyon
repeatedly poured

Fine grain lava rock
Step over barbed wire descent
Through gates of desire

7 November 2018

#15 Commend me to say

Taco asada
Fernando's Mexican Food
Waiting for your call

8 November 2018

#16 My part at this feast

Word obedient
Listening to honking geese
North of Goat Rocks

#17 Codes to bind me fast

Geese in formation
Over development homes
They still know as theirs

Jim Bodeen
8 November 2018


#18 Clouds heap upon clouds

Let something find you
Hotel with a swimming pool
Fall garden possum tracks

#19 Head bent low vigil

Hoar frost fallen leaves
Blanket protecting Bonsai
Now things will get dark

Jim Bodeen
9 November 2018

#20 My basket empty

Newspaper flutter
With beloved at my side
She clears her throat

#21 A thrill passing through

Left-handed chopsticks
All my transgressions leave trail
Side light sun-breath cold


Frederick Douglass
Now he would be a writer
By my own table

Jim Bodeen
10 November 2018


Search for last peanut
Police sitting rock bottles
Long basalt shadow


#22 Secret steps thou walked

Live inside your head
Crescent moon outside Zillah
Dream stone-way awake

#23 This stormy night love

Bang sticks on fence posts
Mercy quilts story bench banks
Red bamboo baskets

11 November 2018

#25 Let me not flag force

Indigenous Quince
Primitive indecision
Apple way or pear

14 November

#26 He had no harp in his hands

Natural pectin
Insufficient in the Quince
Syrup on pancakes

14 November 2018

#27 A flicker of light

Fog, inverted air
Hunkered, cold, China green leaves
Han Shan's candled cave

#28 Debts large, failures great

Scratched lines disappeared
Is detention warranted
To have the body

14-15 November 2018

#29 This weeping dungeon

Membrillo cooling
Lady of the Lake show sails
Bosch, Fred Douglass

14 November 2018


Santa Anna winds
Fires from the Apocalypse
Sierra, Woolsey, Camp


Relieve the oppressed
Bring no more vain oblations
Oh! be warned! be warned!

Jim Bodeen
15 November 2018

#30 My own little self

Eight cycles on bike
Sky break sun-bombed blossoms
Star river mail drop

#31 Who was it bound you

After it all slowed
Building smaller dream prison
Didn't key iced cell

Jim Bodeen
15 November 2018


#31 Who was it bound you

Unrecognized in feathers
She appeared, be-mused, a treasure
Cold outrageous thread

Jim Bodeen
16 November 2018

#32 Luck of the beloved

Her muse speaking first
We're not taking your deal
Empty offer wail

16 November 2018

#33 We shall help you in worship

Offering in song
Set us here beside the way
Colonial stones

#34 I name thee my all

Empty argument
Before thy constant bell tone
January gem

Jim Bodeen
17 November 2018

 #35 Where words come out from deep truth

Books in silent rooms
Bell rhythm listening
Undisturbed coffee 

Clear dreaming streams breathe and sing
Shared sorrows of bank robbers
All steps leading towards you

End of Part One

Jim Bodeen
25 October 2018--17 November 2018

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