that one by Maurice Sendak

Into all that resillience--
where he had all that trouble
on the day that book
fell into me, a library of heat,

outside in my car flipping
pages in sun-flashes, over
what was taking place
with all children,

there, there now,
now that I have this,
God is trusting me
to handle it. Big sister,

wonder horn, and Mom?
here and elsewhere
while father's away.
Golden angel!

Night clothes
in pink and blue,
dream-walking sad
with the ladder,

hooded, snow drifting
in circles into the bell-horn.
Papa was away, too--
where I wished him.

Music closes our eyes
carrying us. Learning
to love all that happens,
we cry, Thief! tearing

at our opening sunlids.
Our mother's clothes
are made of thread
from Grandma's golden

spool. Why call it,
Mistake, falling out
into outside over there?
This given music

for us to bear
crossing hearth
into the hearing place.
Oh the naked little toes!

Heard sea clouds!
Just-babies charmed.
Breathing air bubbles
churning free from foam,

Big sister, Big brother
capable in love's necessities
led by children's child.

Jim Bodeen
29 June 2017

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