Fanny did all that work
after she missed with the prince
and later, her husband said,
Good enough, Fanny, Good enough.

What makes a dream a dream?
Doesn't the empirical world
make us also dizzy!

Sitting up, saying to myself,
You're not sleeping!
You're not looking around!
Saying to that longing other
I won't go on until we connect.

How were you rewarded for your silence?

2. Puzzle pieces of cups and saucers rattle
in my hands,
amid all the questions of sadness
influencing how we think of ourselves.
Whose voice matters more?

Tell me what you're working through
Schools are more segregated
than they were when we were growing up

Tell me about you

There we were in a truck
full of green things
The missing piece
is my favorite because
this is the book
my first child fell in love with

We were moving directly
into the path of trouble--
wind itself was picking up signals
from last syllables
coming from our mouths.

Jim Bodeen
24-26 May 2017

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