The Mystery of Light


            --for Brent Wheat, Journal Review,
              Crawfordsville, Indiana, The Indiana State Legislature,
              and Bristol Zoo Big Bugs, UK.

June and firefly season.
The mystery of light
provided by an ordinary beetle.

Current legislation in the pipeline
makes the "Say's Firefly"
State Insect of Indiana--
House Bill 1243
with lots of authors--
taking effect 1 July 2016.

Pyractomena angulata, congratulations.

Oh, bright spark!

The light in your tail,
this amber light--
refusing to be understood as enzyme
and chemical reaction--
this cold light, efficient
but without much heat,

flashing to attract mates.
Male flying in circles
while females sit
on tall blades of grass,

flashing with the urgency
of a two-week life span,
Gentle "Big Dipper,"
common one delighting us
in the night sky with bioluminescence,
yellow-green glow
coming from your belly,
first the flash,
followed by a 2-second pause,
flashing upward in a "j" curve
into darkness.

Jim Bodeen
22 June 2016--2 July 2016

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