Solstice Notebook


Yuri checks out the Jeep Compass
at Enterprise with free upgrade,
adding that Cubs tickets pay street prices
the week pulse becomes part
of our language. Our morning walk,
the meditation on violence

part of the daily step. First words
coming from the sky, descending
into O'Hare, Karen's
Chief Joseph Vest for Children of Sandy Hook
before me, as she turns the Jeep
towards I-294 Tollway to Indiana.

Black interior in the ride,
indoor skydiving on the left.
Sandy Hook names sewn into the lining,
grandkids growing out of their clothes
into soccer shoes and baseball hats.
90.9 Jazz on NPR Chicago--

12 December 2012 to June Orlando,
now solstice sun shines on us all,
a Stevie Wonder song, Creepin',
songline in this lane, grandkids
modeling the Dream Vest, reading
the sewn poems of Yeats and Blake

into Chief Joseph's pocket walk.
Somewhat lost getting off the plane,
beside the restroom, a bookstore,
tipis at eye level, Jim Welch's Fools Crow
signaling, leading me to Thich Nhat Hanh's
How to Walk before me on the counter--

some summer count this--eat a Chicago
dog with Karen, replace lost Notebook
at Target, "Feel your feet solid on the Earth,"
"White Man's Dog was restless..." merging,
my traffic lane, on the highway
walking, out of Chicago to Indianapolis.

Jim Bodeen
21-22 June 2016

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