Klatchie Peak Dream Camp


The big thing in the tent’s that
I keep thinking Karen’s here with me
and she’s not. I keep wanting
to talk with her and she’s not here.
It’s spooky in this notebook alone.

There are stars, and there is Karen.
But she isn’t with me.
I can't reach her.
This happens again and again.
Sometimes the stars have moved.

The sun has not yet
come up over Mt. Rainier.
My Hubba one-man tent
has a white hat
without its rain fly.

I walk out to the trail
and take a picture of the Mountain
but Karen’s not in it.
My tent is surrounded
by High Mountain Hemlock

and only Karen
could know what that means—
they get their bark
when they’re 100 years old.
Karen is the ruby

in Rumi’s Mathnawi.
This Mountain’s beauty
is what I come for
but the gift of beauty
comes from Karen.

From my head to my foot
I have become you
like Rumi says,
Nothing remains of me
but my name. I am a stone

on its way. Before you,
Karen, I was my own enemy.
I reach for you in the tent
and you’re not here. As the sun
prepares to come

over the Mountain
the wind comes up.
Wind helps me work
on the stone, self-existence
finally disappearing.

Jim Bodeen
26 August—14 October 2015
Wonderland Trail-Sundance Camp

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