Underneath the house of god
is another house, you can smell
the chiles cooking in the kitchen,
the sizzling ones in oil.

These are the olores coming up
from below. Here now, patas de rana,
in gold. Dos caras, two faces,
divine flavors in chile,
entering through the twin nostril gates.

Caciques antiguos
desde humano a un animal

from human to animal
spirit direction
born at midnight
nacen medianoche
from the ashes

for the old caciques
from human to animal
from human to spirit
respect without fear
men born from ashes
women born from cacao

The invitation to this house
come from the man of god
in the first house, visible
from the street. The man
is not here when we arrive
and he does not know us.
He does not see us arriving.
Neither does he know
those who receive us,
those who live
in the house below, the ancient one
this house, boruca house,
dreaming where we stay,
receiving, in constant reception--
a  living house of breath,
one promising the past,
seemingly lost,
the one that never leaves us,
practioners of resistance.

Jim Bodeen
9 July—16 July, 2015
Casa Concordia, San José—Yakima


The mask you have been given
is the apprentice mask
of the two worlds—
                        the one
worn by the man when he
took up the knife
and put it to the wood

to see if he could

the one he wore
during that time
of the testing              

Jim Bodeen
9 July—16 July 2015


Oh, they mean everything
to us, the wife of the boruca

artist says,

We sit at the table
with the red tablecloth

filling ourselves
with stories

everything concentric
and boruca

boruca artist
carving the world.

Jim Bodeen
9-16 July 2015


Looking into the mask
with its two sides

its divided self

(itself then hidden)

a construct
of empire

taking moons
to go other ways
more than one
in one

more than two
in two

and re-appearing

in night walk

ones of the other
ones of others
Jim Bodeen
16 July 2015

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