The Great Mother of the World


The Great Mother of the World has taken up residency
in the body of my wife, Karen. I have been assigned to take her
wherever she may wish to go. For consenting to this, to be,
among other things, her driver. It is my privilege
to accompany her in the Mothership.
For awhile, perhaps, I was under the illusion
that it was the other way around.
I was a fool to think so. In the language of the world
I would be done for.
Done, as the world calls it, over with.
Right now I'm trying to sleep, and she says,
"Turn on the light. Wake up."
I turn on the light.
She's sleeping on her side, turned away from me.
Actually, she's snoring. "Wake up." she says it again.
"Pay attention. The headache is only temporary."

Jim Bodeen
13 November 2013

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