The Presidential Interview



I did have to borrow threads,
being in the mountains.

Was I surprised?

I asked Barack about the drones.

He asked me about mileage in the Mothership.

The President loved the Dirt Bag Gallery.
One skier in Carhartt overalls
suggested naming two parallel ski runs,
Fiscal Cliff and Donald Trump's Hair--
having them designated
Double Black Diamonds.
A young woman shouts out,
No, they're both Green--
green for beginners.

The President slapped both thighs laughing.

That place,
neither pastoral or political.
Even in uniform I'm not in uniform.
Not really.
I insisted on tying my own tie.
My knot is not his knot.
He didn't say anything, but he noticed.
It was like he glimpsed that part I give away.
That part that says,
I'm from somewhere else.
He saw that place, for a second.
He didn't know what it was,
but he trusted it.

Jim Bodeen
High Camp
January, 2013

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  1. Jim,

    I have been trying to find you (on and off) for a couple of years. Something you wrote got inside me, and has been working on me every day since. I passed this poem on to other people in my community. Since then what has happened is that something you wrote has been speaking and shaping a community. It is part of our cultural imagination. We would like to hear you read, location Duvall, WA Could you please contact me? (206)491 0031 Kind regards, Phil Bennett