Good Morning, Mama

Bottles of blue glass
tucked under an old porch
lead to wild waters

Jim Bodeen
15 September 2010


—for Mac Gimse

Insect wings on alert
Augury descends into deep water
Common sense stands with the prophets

Jim Bodeen
14 September 2010
Holden Village


I'm in the mountains, Mom,
with Karen, and we're telling stories.
We're with others, Mom,
older, like ourselves. Mom,
I'm older than Dad was when he died.

Mom, I'm still telling your story
every chance I get. You're still
the only story I've ever had.
You gave me your life
before I was ready.

You made me promise
to get it right. Mom, I work
on that part every day.
Your voice is all that I have.
I share it today with your permission.

Jim Bodeen
13 September 2010
Holden Village

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