This is where the bodies
are taken out at St. Peters,
built at the urging of John XXIII.
These are the doors our bodies
go through leaving the world.
These are doors I understand.
These are the doors one must pass through
in order to renounce the world
in order to love the word
which loves the world.
These are doors of renunciation
so that we may love more deeply.

Jim Bodeen
April 15, 2008


After the performance of turns,
high ceremony infused with deep respect,
during which time the seated sisters
attended not only in perfect form,

but rapt in admiration before the other's wicked
art, deep listening of the craftsmen's eyes
before the unfolding dark drama.
A breakthrough show of terror.

Applause for Dementia, Death and Divorce.
(Divorce, remember, took me down.)
I applauded myself, and sat in silence.
They were warming to their work. As I stood

to depart, the sisters with no eyes
motioned me to wait, they weren't done with me.
They stood, bowed, and began again.
This time from inside. Three voices bent on destruction.

Jim Bodeen
20 August 2009

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